American Sniper

I saw “American Sniper” a few nights ago. It was very moving, a credit to Clint Eastwood’s direction. I am not sure if the film would have been as effective with someone else in the director’s chair. I know that there will be those on the political left (e.g., Michael Moore) and perhaps some anti-war libertarians (e.g., Alex Jones) that will dismiss the film as pro-war propaganda. I will be the first to admit that I have my share of disagreements with parts of our foreign policy. However, this is an issue to be taken to the politicians. What I got from the film had nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of the war in Iraq, but rather the hell that the U.S. soldier has to endure. The soldier does what he is told and often has to pay a heavy price, even if they make it back home alive. Sometimes the hardest wounds to heal aren’t physical.


Song Of The Day

I can’t say I’m a fan of the “Twilight” movies (having never seen any of them), but I love the song from its soundtrack.

Thoughts From The Heart

When you love someone, even if it is only a friend, you give a part of yourself to that other person. The tragedy is, you do not even realize it until after they leave your life and you are left feeling incomplete. Their absence affects you. In vain, you spend your days in search of something or someone to fill that void (for me, it was talk radio). They say that time heals all wounds. I do not agree; the only thing time can do is make the pain easier to live with.

Soul Mates? Inconceivable!

I am a hopeless romantic (with emphasis on the word “hopeless”), but I have always been dumbfounded by this idea that each of us has a soul mate. As much as I would love to believe such childish nonsense, the logic simply does not pan out. To believe there is one person, out of an estimated seven billion people, that is destined for us is, to borrow from The Princess Bride, “inconceivable.” The reality is, we choose our partners based on what is available to us. Sometimes we choose wisely and that person becomes our soul mate; sometimes we choose poorly.

Do I believe that some couples are too quick to throw in the proverbial towel? Of course. Relationships require a lot of work to maintain. Those that would abandon ship at the first sign of rough seas are probably not ready to be in a relationship. That being said, I also believe that many choose to stay in unhealthy relationships out of fear of being alone.

This Chick Has Problems!

This is getting ridiculous! Brianne Altice, the Utah “teacher with benefits” is facing more felony charges after one of her students revealed the two had sex AFTER her initial arrest for rape charges.original

Okay, I get it. Every red-blooded male who remembers his depraved adolescence has probably been “hot for teacher” at least once. That’s why there’s such a blatant double standard in these cases. However, to allow a legal loophole for blonde, Barbie-looking hotness would undermine the rule of law. Moreover, if you allow attractive teachers to get away with banging jailbait, the ugly ones that get caught doing the same thing would claim their prosecution was unfair.

Weekend Funnies: Misheard Lyrics

Ever since songs have had lyrics, people have been mishearing them. Whether the lyrics are misheard by mistake or on purpose, the result is usually complete and utter nonsense. “Kabouter Plop” is a Belgian children’s television series. The song is called “Er Zit Een Gat In Mijn Dak,” which translates to “There Is A Hole In My Roof.” Here’s what happens when you make a phonetic transcription of a language you don’t understand.

The embedded video and links below might be considered NSFW, so use discretion when you click.

For other examples of phonetic transcriptions gone crazy, see “Crazy Indian Video” and “French Erotic Film.”