Resolutions For 2015

I am not in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions. However, I have made three this year.

I am going to pay off the remainder of my car loan. This should not be terribly difficult. All I have to do is call the bank and get it done.

I am going to buy a house. I have been renting an apartment for about four years and, at nearly $1000 each month in rent, that is a lot of money has has gone down the proverbial drain. I know nothing about home-buying, unfortunately. This may prove to be a daunting task. There are so many questions. Foremost on my mind is: Is it better to take out a loan or pay cash? I have enough in savings to buy a home. I do not like the idea of being in debt. I am completely debt free except for my car loan and I would prefer to stay that way. This is something I will have to think long and hard about.

Finally, for better or for worse, I am going to make a more conscious effort to keep in touch with those I care about. I have lost touch with a good number of friends in my travels. Yes, I have made some new friends along the way, but I still have emotional ties with a select few from my youth. Thankfully, through Facebook and other social media sites, I have been able to reconnect with most.


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