Guns, Guns, Guns

I can understand that emotions are all over the place in the aftermath of a tragedy. There is always the feeling that something should be done to prevent such tragedies from happening again. In the wake of a mass shooting, there’s always a call for increased gun control legislation.

Now, I am not a gun nut; however, I fail to see how gun control deters gun crime. Let’s look at the statistics. Detroit, Michigan, has the highest per capita murder rate of any American city – 54.6 for every 100,000 inhabitants – according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia. If Detroit were its own country, it would just beat Venezuela for second place as the most murderous country in the world. The American city with the lowest per capita murder rate? Gun nut central: Plano, Texas, with 0.4.

I don’t know it just seems to me that gun control only serves to disarm law abiding citizens, making the job of the criminal much easier.



One thought on “Guns, Guns, Guns

  1. The media plays a big role in this issue in my opinion. The newspapers and news headlines are quick to highlight “gun violence” or “Father gives his son gun for birthday present and shoots 9 people”. People like to have SOMETHING to blame or SOMEONE. What they don’t mention often enough is how shooter cases involve individuals who are either under the influence of some kind of drug or were on some time of psychiatric medication.

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